Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Reading Skills

Look for your child to...
Develop a sense of story.

Your child may…

  • Tell a story from pictures.
  • Recognize variations in re-telling of stories.
  • Predict outcomes of stories.
  • “Read and re-read” stories.
  • Tell stories with beginnings, middles, and endings.
  • Dictate stories for other to write down.
  • Tell stories based on personal experiences, imaginations, dreams, and/or stories form books.
  • Recall information about stetting, characters, and events in a story.

You can support your child...

  • Encourage your child to recount experiences and describe events. Ask: “And then what happened?” to urge the story along.
  • Make a “story” journal to include descriptors of favorite outings. Illustrate with snapshots and drawing.
  • Allow your child to dictate a story to you and later “illustrate it.” Make comments: “I really like how your story began. I really like the ending of your story. It was nice that they boy found his lost dog.”
  • Allow your child to share his/her day activities during the dinner meal.

Get started reading today- The Saint Joseph Public Library

Post by: Community Action Partnerships of Saint Joseph, MO.

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