Friday, December 3, 2010

Practices healthy behaviors through physical activity
Look for your child to...
Choose to participate in daily physical activity.

Your child may...
  • Play on/with outdoor equipment (e.g., slides, balls, wheeled toys).
  • Engage in active play (e.g., run, jump, chase, move to music, and play with pets).
  • Go on walks with family members.
  • Join in indoor or outdoor games (e.g., musical games, Tag, Drop the Handkerchief).
You can support your child…
  • Create a schedule for your child that includes at least one hour of physical activity each day.
  • Take your child to playgrounds frequently, and if possible, provide outdoor play equipment and riding toys in your yard. Don’t just cheer on your child from the sidelines—be a good role model and join in the fun.
  • With your child, play Tag and other games that involve running and movement.
  • Play music, and dance with your child. Use scarves and streamers for extra fun.
  • Take walks with your child. Walk in different ways (e.g., take tiny steps, take giant steps, walk very fast, walk slowly like a turtle).
  • If it’s hot outside, play games involving water (e.g., play catch with water balloons, run through a sprinkler, or “paint” each other with a bucket of water and a large paintbrush).
  • If there is snow on the ground, go sledding or ice skating, play catch with snowballs, or build a snowman or igloo.

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