Monday, January 24, 2011

Sensory Awareness

Look for your child to exhibit sensory awareness.

Have your child identify hidden objects in a "feely" box by touch.

Cut the bottoms out of two empty, square tissue boxes, and tape the open ends together. Hide objects of various textures (cotton balls, rocks, sticky tape ball, sand paper, small toys, ice cube etc.) inside the box. Have your child use both hands to touch the objects and figure out what's inside the box.

For smaller items slip an object into a sock. Have your child try to identify the object from the outside of the sock and then by placing their hand inside the sock.

Give your child opportunities to experience various textures such as, mushy, slimy, rough, smooth, cold, wet, dry. Using a variety of descriptive words will help your child build their vocabulary.

    Cut arm holes in a large plastic bag to make a smock. Old vinyl tablecloths or shower curtains can help protect floors and tables.

Join your child in finger painting. For variety mix sand in the paint.

Have your child guess what is in a bowl with their eyes blindfolded. Vary the texture, size, weight and temperature of the items (cold, cooked spaghetti, dried oatmeal, feathers etc.)

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